Monday, February 27, 2006

two and a half hours at the doctor's office!!

mostly in the waiting room...

then waiting in the little room...

on my own for far too long...

not even music to keep me company...

I thought they'd forgotten me!

BUT - not only did I have time to finish the gauge swatch for the cute Tie Tank from Cast On I plan to knit for myself, I was able to cast on the 113 stitches the pattern calls for and knit the first row!!

[I am very much an accessories knitter - hats, scarves, purses - and large projects scare me. I even started a felted knitting needle case a year ago and while I finally finished the knitting sometime in December I haven't yet felted it. Granted, I do plan to embellish it with funky yarns before I felt it but actually knitting that thing was so tedious! I don't think I'm a good candidate for felting. I need interesting stitches to play with to stay interested in something so big.]

I think the tank will be a good option to start with as an actual clothing piece. At least there aren't any sleeves!

The other thing that scares me a bit about knitting something so big is the cost of the yarn. This pattern calls for 14 balls of Berroco Jewel FX which at over $10 per ball could buy almost 10 tank tops ready made! Thanks to Wool Tyme's clearance centre though, I found 8 balls of Novita Cottonella at $2 per ball that fits the gauge perfectly!

I've started a new adventure!


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