Sunday, January 06, 2008

Suggestions please!

I have a lot of yarn. I have a lot of beautiful yarn. Some of it has a predetermined purpose, but a lot of it doesn't. This, I think, is one of my favourites. It is Noro Cash Laine in a blackberry/black colourway that I found the first time I visited Wool 'n Things.

First, I was SO excited to find such a luxury yarn in the city. I didn't know you could get that here. On top of that it was discontinued, a great colour and half price! [I am the queen of yarn bargains, didn't ya know?]

I just don't know what to do with it. I have 10 skeins = about 1000 yards. I'm not sure of the gauge but I think it's a worsted weight yarn. I don't think it would be enough for a sweater but I don't see this one being a sweater anyway. I'm thinking maybe a lapghan? or a throw? or maybe a heavy shawl...Clapotis maybe? I'm definitely looking for suggestions for this one.

As lovely as it looks in this copper basket my boyfriend lovingly made for me last Valentine's Day I think it's about time I started actually experiencing the loveliness of Noro yarn!

Ideas? Anyone...Anyone...Beuller?


Blogger pamudom said...

Hi Melanie! Thanks for the comment on my Clapotis. Your Noro yarn is gorgeous and would make a really cozy Clapotis, but I don't think the sttiches would drop as smoothly -- you may have to tug at them quite a bit. Still, it would be beautiful. Or a blanket sounds good, or how about a vest?

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