Wednesday, June 13, 2007

caught hooking again

still not finished the bag...but only because I've been forgetting my next ball of yarn when I go out. As soon as I'm off the computer I plan to get back to it.

I seem to think that I managed to mix up decrease for double crochet so the seam of this bag may come out a little wonky. The nice thing about crochet is that it all seems to work anyway. Maybe I just can't yet see mistakes the way I can with knitting. It's a bag for veggies...I'm really not all that concerned.

Somehow I did manage to remember my extra ball of yarn just to practice crochet using the best swatch technique ever - the dishcloth. I started the other night and finished it the next night. Everyone is right; crochet is pretty fast. I'm still pretty far from being elegant though. I'm half thinking about sending this away as a bonus with a swap but pondering whether I'll want to have my first crochet washcloth as a keepsake...



Blogger Carla said...

Nice! I have crochet envy, I can never figure out where to insert the hook next. Nice green yarn.

1:09 PM  
Blogger soCherry said...

this is so funny ... I've fallen in love with the Pinwheel Sweater. My knitting group and I are about to start a KAL [I'm abt to join the online one too] and I found you as the last poster.

I thought I recognised you from somewhere - then realised that it was the CPH KAL!

And I was just checking to see if it's updated, and found you WIPing on the Market bag from Bernat - which I've just finished and am about to blog this afternoon!!

We have the same pattern tastes :-)

Where did you get with the Pinwheel Sweater?

Elaine xx

5:19 AM  
Blogger soCherry said...

I've also done the CPH [... just read the last comment I left and that wasnt clear]

5:19 AM  

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