Thursday, September 07, 2006

What's my Blogger password again?

Been awhile, huh?

August seemed to be more of a planning than knitting month. I'm terribly behind in my Sock-a-Month KAL; as I highly doubt that two different socks would count as a pair. In hindsight, starting two different socks at the same time and racing them is not the best idea. Suprisingly the pomatomus won. I didn't enjoy the pattern the first time around but then I understood the math of it, got hooked, and could not put it down. The yarn was tastier too. After I finished the first pomatomus the beaudelaire just flew by! What a fun & quick lace pattern - memorized in record time. [pictures to follow soon...second socks to follow soon too, if all goes well!]

As for plans, I've been working on the sock pattern for Kurt; something to do with ribs & cables - of my own design! Also - planning Christmas gifts, planning architecturally-based lace patterns, and maybe, finally, a sweater for me!

Stay tuned...


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