Sunday, October 15, 2006

Better late than never!

Halfway through the month and I've just signed up for Socktoberfest 2006. I had heard rumblings of it throughout the knitting blogland, but I only just explored it and found that it is "a month-long celebration of socks". Well I have three pairs of socks currently on needles, plans for at least two more, plus I have a bag of five half-finished socks to finish/re-knit for my mother's friend! My life is already a celebration of socks, so I'm in. Can you believe that 1880 people have already signed up?? I guess sock knitting is the new black!

And check out this great image! Considering my propensity for knitting at the Carleton Tavern with beer close at could I resist?


Blogger Miss Twiss said...

You're such a sock whore!

3:17 PM  

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