Sunday, March 23, 2008

Twice a coincidence?

I've recently heard that twice is coincidence & three times is a tradition, so I guess I'll have to try for a sweater next Easter too!
YES!! My pinwheel sweater is finished!!

Check it out:

(the obligatory opened out shot)

I started in late September but put it away for a few months to work on Christmas/Valentine gifts. I picked it up in late February & worked on it like crazy. I finished last Wednesday evening (at a board meeting, but they didn't mind). The beginning of this pattern just flies by, and then you get to the fourth stripe & it drags. I had renewed energy when I went back to it though.

I modified only a few things. I made the last colour stripe larger so it nicely covers my bum & makes a great hood when I wear it the short way. I ended up using a different yarn completely for the edging (& it matches beautifully!!) and I crocheted the edging rather than knit it. I believe it was much faster than all that i-cord would have been.


I started by doing a single crochet into each live stitch of my last round and then created a loop of five chain stitches over four all the way around. I did do a second loop as well, also five over four, starting it only one stitch behind the first one so it wouldn't be too even. Then I caught the foundation stitches alternately in front & in back of the first loops as I worked around. It seemed to make a fuller looking edge.

I also did a single crochet edge to finish off my sleeves. All I could think was that it would finish it off that much nicer & my mother would be pleased. She was.

I am too.


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Blogger Miss Twiss said...

You look amazing in your new pinwheel cardi!

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