Friday, June 19, 2009

mind-blowing, these-are-so-incredibly-cool(!!) socks

My mother mentioned that she would like some ankle socks. Freshly finished the army socks, with such appreciation, I decided to attack it head on. I happened to find a copy of Gerdine Crawford-Strong's Lace socks pattern on my computer that I had downloaded from Knitter's Magazine. It looked intriguing and it quickly took over my brain.

This is the first sock I made that was different. Very different. Most of it was done on two needles. There's picking up and increasing and decreasing and holy cow I couldn't think of anything else!

All I could think about while knitting these socks was knitting more of these socks.

Mom likes them too. She thinks they're pretty cool but still won't take up four needles, even for the short time you need all four.

As for me - I can't wait for the next pair!


Blogger soCherry said...

those are so cool! you've done a great job!

4:16 AM  
Blogger Felicity said...

Well done!

5:42 PM  
Blogger Carla said...

Wow, ther *are* incredibly cool!

10:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, In search for an explanation for knitting a circle, I arrived here; I think you chose a nice title for your blog and I think I understand what you do. Like giving knitting a new dimension and so am I, trying to go with the neocrafts "movement". I would like to have a blog too. Do you stil knit? I think these socks you knitted are really amazing, very beautifull.
Lu-Ann Tsai
Antwerp, Belgium

4:57 AM  
Anonymous Sienna said...

Thank you Lu-Ann. I do still knit, although I took a few years away from it. I'm getting back to it though - blankets currently. My goodness, I haven't posted in a long time. I don't know what the blog-world is like any more, but I think you should start a blog. I'm sure you'll find people to connect with. Let me know if you do!

9:29 PM  

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