Saturday, April 22, 2006

Need to knit?

I had to try this pattern just to see how it works. It's very cool. I learned how to graft (again) and I got to play with stitch holders and short rows! Fun, fun, fun!

The yarn I worked with is Gedifra English Tweed in a lovely light pink (70% merino, 20% nylon, 10% angora) and even though the gauge should have been the same it wasn't even close and I had to go up two needle sizes. Strange...I usually knit pretty close to the gauge, but I persisted.

The yarn is wonderful to work with (I think it's the angora) and seeing the glove come together was amazing! I'm not especially happy with the final shape and I think it's still a little too holey but the first try was definitely worthwhile.

I picked up a heavier yarn [Briggs & Little 100% wool in turquoise] to try a second pair (this one for my mom) and I hope the gauge will work better this time. My birch knitting needles came in so I might be able to break them in for this project.

Don't they look like chess pieces?

In the meantime I finished the pin cushion for mom, and started a pair of socks just to practice before I tackle either the pomotamus or hedera patterns. Cookie's patterns are something else - she inspires me!

oh - and I went with the knit.1 subscription - shh!


Blogger Carla said...

Hey, nice knits! I just got postcards from you from a swap, love them all, thanks!

1:21 PM  

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