Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Stay tuned!

for pics of my most recently finished sock - RPM!

This was truly the funnest, fastest sock I've ever made. I used five dpns instead of the recommended two circular needles but it didn't make much difference. I think I have decided, though, that my next pair of socks will be done on circulars.

I also recently received an issue of Knitter's Magazine I backordered only to have the pattern for these socks I saw on Kristi's blog. I even already have the yarn coming for these socks. I liked working with Knit Picks Dancing so much on the RPM that I've already ordered enough for three more pairs of socks! (I think it's being discontinued so I decided to get it while I can!)

My impressions were probably influenced by the fact that the most recent yarn I had knit with was Phentex. Yes. That stuff that slippers were made of in the seventies. It's back, or it's come out of hiding. I should have gone with my gut and used wool, but it was a request and I love the requester so I thought I'd try it. The colours are fun and vibrant and it looks good in the end I must admit, but it splits like crazy and the texture is terrible and it leaves a nasty taste on my fingers (discovered when I took a chocolate break and started to lick my fingers so I could get back to knitting - yuck!) The slipper, however, looks fabulous and was fast to make and I guess I need to learn to keep my fingers out of my mouth while knitting anyway.

Oh! and had a lovely lunch & knitting chat with Miss Twiss yesterday too. What fun!


Blogger Miss Twiss said...

Lunches are meant for sharing. Knitting chats and a glasses of wine. I enjoyed myself too.

12:30 PM  

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