Sunday, June 24, 2007

Will it ever end?

this crocheting thing I mean.
My finished market bag. The first crochet pattern I tried out, interrupted by a few dishcloths but now complete. I've been using it to hold unfinished crochet projects! (detail)
Mom has already put in her order for Christmas.

Second dishcloth swap package:
This one's destined for Maine. I kind of made up the towel pattern; I hope it's welcomed.

I cast something onto knitting needles today! Back to two sticks for awhile. Crocheting is fun, and fast, but knitting is the one in my bones.


Blogger Carla said...

Nice bag! And I love the funky dishcloth pattern. I haven't figured out crochet yet.

1:40 PM  
Blogger Carla said...

No I'm not going to be going through Ottawa for the long weekend, but I should sometime in the summer. And we can SnB. I take the Greyhound because the train doesn't go to my parents' little town. Do you live anywhere near Catherine + Bank? Sometimes when I have a stopover I go to the YMCA on Argyle, but it would be even more fun to hang out with you!


8:23 AM  
Blogger soCherry said...

ooh - looking good. I like it those colours!
Elaine x

8:37 AM  

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