Sunday, January 20, 2008

socks all over

I started two pairs of socks so far this year: a long overdue pair for my "neglected" boyfriend, and another pair for my mom's friend.
I had grandiose plans for my first socks for Kurt. I bought some great Briggs & Little yarn, graphed a complex travelling cable-style pattern & started knitting with a fury. They were ok, but I wasn't happy with how the pattern was turning out. I set them aside to stew for awhile; that was over a year ago. I since made some socks for Kurt's son, and he's left feeling forgotten. I tried to explain to him that little feet are easier to knit for but he still chides me about it, saying I'm ignoring his needs. He doesn't seem to remember this, this or this though.
So I did some research, cast on with a heavier weight yarn to try to make sure I would be finished for Valentine's Day and started knitting. I created a fairly simple cable pattern and I'm almost at the heel! It's so satisfying knitting a sock in a heavier gauge; it goes so quickly!

It's actually a dark blue but this is the only photo that shows the pattern clearly.

The socks for my mom's friend are the third pair in the series of umpteen* I agreed to finish. [Thankfully I don't have a deadline!] To break the monotony of basic socks I decided to do a pair of Jaywalkers; I'm sure she'll be tickled with the pattern too. I'm a little concerned though, after finishing the cuff I decided that I'm absolutely enamored with the colourway of this yarn and I'm really not sure how easily I'll be able to part with these socks. Ah! The stresses & strain of being a surrogate knitter!

(*may be a slight exaggeration)


Blogger Carla said...

You've been busy! Home knit socks are such a nice treat!

10:47 AM  

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