Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I love making socks. I have completed only four socks, but it's something I really enjoy. Part of it is knitting with four needles. My grandma always knit mittens on four needles and I really like the format. Part of it is the fact that my mother doesn't generally knit on four needles and seemed SO impressed with the first sock I knit.

I enjoy grafting the toe, turning the heel and picking up the stitches to create the gusset.

The fact that I can take it with me almost anywhere is helpful too. I can knit a few rows on my lunch break at work, or on the bus, or at the bar. Here I am at the Carleton Tavern working on the socks for my mom.

[Now for those of you who don't know, the Carleton Tavern in Ottawa is one of those bars that used to have separate men's and women's entrances, that is - after women were allowed in at all. It reminds me of those bars you often find in small towns that used to be a hotel, the ones with a lot of history and a few unsavoury regulars. My boyfriend was reasonably supportive in that he was amused by but not embarrassed with my knitting while watching the playoffs at the bar.]

My mom loves her mother's day socks. The finished shape of them seems odd but they look fine on her feet. There's my first pair too!

My first Hedera sock is almost finished. I had to alter the pattern to accomodate either my gauge or my stubby feet (or both) but it seems to be working out ok. I love this pattern. The twisted ribbing is fun and the four row lace pattern is addictive. I had to force myself to start the sock heel for fear I would end up with unwearable thigh high lace socks! It looks lovely and it's a nice, gentle introduction into lace knitting. The Pomatomus is next on my hit list; I'll have to learn how to conquer a chart.

But first I have to start my squares.


Blogger Miss Twiss said...

I'm so envious with your socks! Just this morning I needed a short and lacey pair for "le-look". I just might follow your lead with H and then P.
The wait staff won't think knitting at the CT unusual. Last year during the *strike* my guy and I would go every Sunday night for some beer and Baseball game of the week... he's a fan, and me with my knitting. Lesley's brought hers there too.
Maybe that'll be a good place for a knitting gathering, say on a Tuesday or Wednesday night or something, hhmn.

10:38 AM  

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