Friday, May 11, 2007


In my time away from blogland I have been making dishcloths and dishcloths
and dishcloths
and wee hats & booties (for a friend)
and socks and socks and socks!

More info soon to come!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Look! I really did finish the Central Park Hoodie!
and I found the perfect place to model it!
-I am thinking about putting a zipper in, but I can wait.
-Thanks to Miss Twiss for the tutorial on attaching the sleeves.
-To those who were asking I bought the yarn from Wool Tyme.
-If anyone plans to make this I highly recommend joining the KAL.
-More detail shots coming soon.
Now I can start on this, or maybe this, or perhaps I should finally finish this!

So much to think about; maybe I'll just make another dishcloth.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A Productive Week

I decided to finally sit myself down and finish the Liesel scarf I'd been working on the past few months. It was a secondary project, just something to turn to every once in awhile when I needed to work on something different from the sweater. I was running out of yarn but still managed to knit two more lace repeats before the final garter stitch rows. It was a lovely diversion and a great use of the Alpaca yarn I found at Knit Knackers.
It still has to block but with our current Spring weather I won't be in a rush to do that.
The real reason I finished the scarf was to gain access to my favourite 4.5mm needles to make a gift for a friend who's expecting - Organic Cotton Booties

This was the fastest knit in the world - about 45 minutes per bootie (while watching t.v.)!
They are so much fun & addictive - this little one might become the best-shod baby in town!

And the Bernat Organic Cotton is so nice to work with - I'm going to have to make a hat too.

For my next trick...introducing the soon-to-be Camisa!

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