Wednesday, April 23, 2008

ant bee

My Auntie Bea had a big birthday this month and I wanted to make her something. I found this "Bee" stitch border dishcloth pattern & thought it was perfect. To make it more special I decided to embroider a Bee on the front. I basically found a cute bee online & freehand stitched it on while sitting in front of the monitor.
I just love how it turned out!
She loves it too & absolutely refuses to use it. At this point she's trying to decide how & where to hang it up. (detail)
I'm just thrilled.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

It must be Spring...

...not because it's getting warmer, although it is, and not because the snow is finally, s l o w l y dissipating, although it is, and it's glorious. It must be Spring because I lack focus. I'm having a hard time focusing on this, for example. Partially because I'm going to have to rip part of it out and reknit, but that's besides the point. I'm not too torn up about that. And while I'm occasionally working on this, it's definitely an afterthought. And this one, as much as I enjoyed making the first one, has completely left my radar.

I'm much more interested in making one of these, just to try it out. I'll make the first one for my mom so I don't seem too selfish. And I'd kinda like one of these...'cause the yarn is pretty. Oh - and I have to make something like this, for my aunt who's having a big birthday soon; I think I'll have to doctor it up a little for her. And with all the new yarns to see, and all the new patterns to drool over, I kind of hope my Spring fever leaves quickly. though I'll certainly enjoy it while it lasts!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

durty dishcloth

I just received a gorgeous crochet hook that I purchased from SnokistFarmGirl at Etsy. It's made of surina wood and it feels absolutely divine.
Of course I had to test it out so as soon as I had time (after my performance last night) and this is what I came up with:
I modified a pattern from Lily Sugar'n Cream's Kitchen Kolors pattern book. I made it about 20 stitches smaller and I crocheted into the back loops to create a ribbed [for your pleasure] look.
I was uploading this pattern into Ravelry and I was much fiddling with a pattern do you need to do before it becomes your own? I mean, a dishcloth is a dishcloth. With all the different stitch options you can use in this format how does this work?
Oh! and this is my hundredth post! Happy centenary!

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