Sunday, July 23, 2006

Baby Update Part II

Just a clarification...not my baby. My friend's a full week overdue, and growing by the hour!

As for more baby knits...the Katja top is finished! I decided to sew it together with an overlap of about an inch, otherwise it would have been too wide through the body. I went to Debbie Stoller's Stitch 'N Bitch book as a reference and modified her mattress stitch to accommodate assembling something with both stocking and garter stitch, as well as allowing for the overlap.

Amazing how it's almost seamless!

Detailing - outside seam

Detailing - inside seam with overlap

Promise of a modeled photo to come!

Message to Myself:

See - finishing things isn't difficult. This took less than an hour to assemble, and now two of four (five, really) projects are finished. You just need to decide to do it already. Now get on to your tank top while it's still summer!

Monday, July 17, 2006

baby update

Well, the baby is about 8.5lbs, but he's still biding his time, waiting for his special day to make his appearance official.

The baby blanket, however, is ready!!

Detailing at the edge...

One thing down...

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Yippee! I won!

I, ladies and gentlemen, am the soon-to-be proud owner of two hanks of Debblie Bliss Pure Silk yarn in turquoisy-blue, courtesy of Kris in Norway. Kris makes stunning shawls, mocks (deserving) old pattern books and seems to enjoy giving away parts of her stash in fun contests. Over 100 comments were posted on her blog by people trying to win some yarn, and I was one of four winners who almost guessed how many circular needles she owns [38 by the way]. Wow!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Wall of Shame

I knit, a lot and quickly, but I seem to have issues with finishing things. Now, don't get me wrong - I finish the knitting portion of the project; I don't have many items still on needles. It's the actual assembly of the items I seem to avoid. [not with socks, though...for some reason the socks are finished right away...maybe it's because grafting the toe is like knitting...maybe I just like finishing socks...maybe I just like wearing them...]

So after looking at the Katja baby top for the hundredth time and still not tackling it I figured drastic measures are in order. It is a summer top, after all, and next summer the intended baby-recipient will definitely be into another size. So it needs to be finished. Now. (or at least soon).

My solution is not of my invention. I've seen it on other knitting blogs, and while I don't know whether it has worked for the other knitters I am hoping that it will work for me. Be prepared to be shocked, dismayed, and perhaps, ladies and gentlemen, are my ufo's (unfinished objects for those of you not in the know).

Probably my worst offense. This is my lovely tank top from Cast On Magazine. I loved the pattern, the discontinued yarn I found for $14 total, my first piece of non-extremities clothing. It knit up so quickly I was sure to have it ready for the summer. In fact I did have it finished on April 12th. Yet here it sits...July 7th. All it needs is to redo the join of the straps and graft the ribbing at the base of it, and maybe block it.

Basket weave baby blanket. This one is not so bad. I only have eight strands to weave in, tidy up a few spots where the yarn was tied together on the skein (who does that?) and blocking to do. Zaccheo is expected July 17 so I still have a few days to work this one out.

The aforementioned Katja top for Anna. It knit up incredibly fast. Somehow my gauge went off and it ended up two inches too wide in the body. I did do a swatch, I swear. I've considered buttons, snaps and even steeking (yikes!) but I think I'll just sew it with an overlap. Other suggestions welcome!

This odd looking mess of yarn is actually three as-yet unassembled catnip mice from Debbie Stoller's Stitch 'N Bitch Nation. Bodies, tails and ears. Take a closer look:

I think I knit these in February, maybe January...definitely when there was snow on the ground. I even procured some stuffing from my mother and I bought some dried catnip for the occasion. But here they lie. And my kitty is in need of a new mouse since he mangled his (over a period of months) and now has no catnip toy.

So there they are, sources of my knitting shame.

[oh - I just remembered that felted knitting needle case I started last March, finished in December and stored in a bag while I have grand ideas of embellishing it before I attempt any felting...and it will still have to be sewn together afterwards too! damn.]

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Swap loot - in and out

Long-awaited but extremely appreciated needles were waiting for me in the post today - and they brought along some tea! Thanks Grace!
A Magic Yarn Ball courtesy of Yoyo too! And it brought a mixed CD!
A sneak-peak at the magic yarn ball I sent out. I used two different colours of the same yarn and wound a centre-pull ball so it's new owner can start with either colour or make stripes. Inside I hid some notions, the Hello Kitty pencil, some charms and origami cranes I made. I really hope she likes it. What a fun thing to do! Thanks Larissa for organizing it. And this is loot that somehow found it's way into my car today. What a wonderful day!
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