Sunday, March 23, 2008

Twice a coincidence?

I've recently heard that twice is coincidence & three times is a tradition, so I guess I'll have to try for a sweater next Easter too!
YES!! My pinwheel sweater is finished!!

Check it out:

(the obligatory opened out shot)

I started in late September but put it away for a few months to work on Christmas/Valentine gifts. I picked it up in late February & worked on it like crazy. I finished last Wednesday evening (at a board meeting, but they didn't mind). The beginning of this pattern just flies by, and then you get to the fourth stripe & it drags. I had renewed energy when I went back to it though.

I modified only a few things. I made the last colour stripe larger so it nicely covers my bum & makes a great hood when I wear it the short way. I ended up using a different yarn completely for the edging (& it matches beautifully!!) and I crocheted the edging rather than knit it. I believe it was much faster than all that i-cord would have been.


I started by doing a single crochet into each live stitch of my last round and then created a loop of five chain stitches over four all the way around. I did do a second loop as well, also five over four, starting it only one stitch behind the first one so it wouldn't be too even. Then I caught the foundation stitches alternately in front & in back of the first loops as I worked around. It seemed to make a fuller looking edge.

I also did a single crochet edge to finish off my sleeves. All I could think was that it would finish it off that much nicer & my mother would be pleased. She was.

I am too.

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Almost there!

My long-awaited pinwheel sweater is nearly finished!

This photo was taken almost two weeks ago at my parent's place. I've since finished both sleeves and extended the last colour (oxblood) about an inch. I'm now contemplating the edging. I'm thinking about doing some sort of crochet loopy thing with a great variegated yarn that has most of the colours in my sweater. I'm trying to decide if I should crochet all my live stitches or cast off then edge.

I finished my central park hoodie last Easter so I was hoping to make it a tradition. I'd better get cracking on that edge!

The things you see.

Last weekend, after one of our many snowstorms this Winter I happened to notice the sign from a local store.

Looks like an ice age!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

They're done!

Both of them.
Actually they were done just a week after V-Day and have already been worn lots and washed once (now they're a little fuzzy - damn!). They fit perfectly and are very appreciated.

I guess my next sock project is to write out the pattern, for posterity's sake at least.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

from the archives...

The Yarn Harlot's "Unoriginal Hat" - I made this last November, started just after Stephanie blogged about it and added it to Ravelry right away. I remember being shocked about how many people had already started or queued it within days of it being posted. I had planned to write an insightful post about the Internet, blogs, Ravelry & the scope of the online knitting community, but took over I guess.
The hat was a quick knit & I love the colours! (the real reason I made this hat is just to use Moda Dea's Tweedle Dee yarn) It's a touch small though. That's only fair - I didn't swatch. I'll try it a couple times more and then probably pass it along to some deserving person with a smaller head. It was fun though!
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